Electronic Permits

We are also pleased to announce that you may pay for your application online using a credit card.  (Please note the state does not accept Discover or American Express.)
The office has a kiosk in the lobby where you are able to sit down and quickly pay using your credit card.  You must have your application number and the email address associated with the application in order to do this.  Please keep in mind, the office staff still cannot accept a credit card over the counter.
The online web portal also accepts many different digital styles of uploads for your plan submittals; most commonly submitted are PDF’S and CAD format.  
Additionally, this office still accepts printed paper drawings and if you do not want to pay with a credit card, you can still pay using traditional methods such as cash, check or money order over the counter or by mail.  Please make sure to reference your “W###” application number (receipt number) by either attaching a copy of your printed receipt or bringing the number with you when you come into the office.    Again, paper plans and standard methods of payment are still accepted over the counter, but the actual application must be completed and submitted online. 
The office Kiosk, located in the lobby, is available at all times to the public for use to complete an online application.  The process is quick and easy and as stated before, also available for credit card payments. 
If you have any further questions regarding the online application system, please feel free to call the office for assistance.  602-364-1003.