The Office of the State Fire Marshal does not permit or inspect Liquid Propane Gas Tank (LPG Tank) installations for single family dwellings in unincorporated areas of the State.

Installers must contact the County Building Department and local fire jurisdictions for permit requirements.



Permits and inspection of LPG Tank installations are required on commercial sites.

Commercial LPG Tank Permits are issued only for the tank installation.

Electrical and all other requirements will be inspected by local jurisdiction or County Building Department.


NO construction shall commence until project plans have been reviewed, approved, and a State permit issued. Construction without a permit shall receive a RED TAG/immediate Stop Work Order. A Stop Work

Order will not be lifted until a permit is issued and the contractor will be required to pay a re-inspection fee.


All references are to the 2004 National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 58 and IFC 2003 Edition.


The submittal shall include a completed Permit Application and site plan that shall include, as a minimum, the following;

1. Name and complete address of facility

2. Name and address of installer

3. A site plan with specified distances from the tank to buildings, property lines, any ignition source, and any driveways (legibly hand drawn with a ruler is acceptable)

4. A manufacturers “cut sheet” for the LPG Tank denoting the ASME or UL listing

5. If the LPG Tank is greater than 4,000 gallons water capacity, a Fire Safety Analysis must be provided with plan

6. Size of footing for tank, appropriate for tank size and total weight

7. Size of cathodic protection, and confirmation for use of clean fill for underground installation

8. The location and construction of any required tank vehicles protection

9. Dispensing plan shall indicate the location of the emergency shut-off device and fire extinguisher (Include size)

10. Above ground tanks may be filled prior to the final Permit inspection

11. Below ground tanks must be inspected and approved before filling

12. A check made out to “Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety” for the Permit Fee amount




Revised 09/2008