Plan submittal Guidelines


NOTE: NO construction shall commence until project plans have been reviewed, approved,

and a State permit issued. Construction without a permit shall receive a Red Tag/immediate

Stop Work Order. A Stop Work Order will not be lifted until a Permit is issued and the

contractor pays a Re-inspection fee


NOTE: A temporary fire line must meet all system fire flow requirements. Temporary fire

line approval is limited to a period not to exceed 90 days without extension.


The submittal shall include, at a minimum the following:

1. Name and complete address of facility.

2. If applicable, the name and address of the water provider for the project.

3. Name and address of installing contractor, Class of License, and license number.

4. Scaled Civil Engineering drawings of site.

5. Size and location of all water mains serving site.

6. Type, size, and location of all systems valves.

7. Size and location of all fire hydrants, and shut-off valves, on and off site.

8. Type of all fire protection systems connected to water supply system.

9. Location of Fire Department Connection, including connectors and type of threads.

10. Location and type of each control valve between the private main and street supply.

11. Type and location of any Post Indicator Valves on system, including distance from building.

12. Type of pipe, (Ductile Iron, asbestos Cement, P.V.C. etc.), used in system.

13. Depth of buried pipe.

14. The location and type of corner reinforcement for each change of pipe direction. (Thrust block, Mega-lug etc)

15. Distance from fire lane to F.D.C. connection and closest hydrant.

16. The calculation of fire flow required for site per IFC 2003 Appendix B.

17. Provide type and specifications of Backflow prevention devices.

18. Poly wrapped if applicable.

19. Tracer wire.




Revised 1-24-2012