NOTE:NO construction shall commence until project plans have been reviewed, approved, and a State permit issued.  Construction without a permit shall receive a Red Tag/immediate Stop Work Order.  A Stop Work Order will not be lifted until a Permit is issued and the contractor pays a Re-inspection fee.
NOTE:All submittals shall be stamped be an Arizona Design professional or NICET / CSA 3 or above. Plan review shall follow 2002 NFPA 72 and 70 standards or more current Standards.




The submittal shall include, as a minimum, the following:
  1. Name and complete address of facility and contact phone number.
  2. Name and address of installing contractor, class of license, and license number.
  3. If required, information for off-site monitoring; company name, address, certification etc.
  4. A scaled site plan, if more than one building is to be alarmed.
  5. Scaled floor plans of the building, identifying the use of each room.
  6. Location and type of each alarm device.
  7. Location of all doors, windows, and supply & return registers.
  8. Location of fire alarm control panel and annunciators if used.
  9. Location of conduit or wire path.
  10. Wire schedule.
  11. Fire alarm device symbol list.
  12. Zone schedule for multi-zone systems.
  13. Typical wiring diagrams for each device used on system.
  14. Riser diagram indicating how each device is connected to the loop.
  15. Equipment list indicating the quantities, manufacturer, and model number of each devise on the system.
  16. Underwriters Laboratory, Factory Mutual, or other approved listing service cards for verification of cross listing of devices when not of the same manufacturer as the fire alarm control panel.
  17. Cut sheets for all equipment.
  18. Batterycalculations, battery size supplied and voltage drops for the system.
  19. Buildings with other than smooth ceilings at 8 feet parallel to the finished floor must provide plans that contain a cross section detail showing ceiling slope and/or locations and depth of beams.


Revised 3-13-2015